Rental conditions Holiday homes Burgundy

These conditions are to protect the rights and obligations of the tenant and the landlord Holiday homes Burgundy.
The tenant is the person who enters into the lease with Holiday homes Burgundy and also the person(s) for whom or on whose behalf the tenant enters into the lease with Holiday homes Burgundy.

Please carefully read the rental conditions. This avoids misunderstandings later.


Booking and Payment Contract
1. Each booking contract will be confirmed through a lease from Holiday Homes Burgundy
2. No later than 10 days after sending the invoice with confirmation by Holiday homes Burgundy is the tenant responsible of a deposit of 50% of the total rent. Unless Holiday homes Burgundy and the tenant a custom arrangements.
3. Failure to timely payment of amounts automatically become the tenant in default. Holiday homes Burgundy then sends a reminder e-mail. If the amount due within 7 days after the date of the notice is not in possession of Holiday homes Burgundy canceled the contract is deemed to have the option expires and the house.
4. The remaining meets have to be paid at the latest 5 weeks before commencement of the rental period. When the booking take place within 6 weeks before the rental period the total amount has to be payed in one payment. On your payment you have to mention the payment feature of Holiday homes Burgundy. Your receipt of the bank or Post Office together with your lease is the booking confirmation.
5. In late payment Holiday homes Burgundy is entitled to cancel the holiday. Already paid shall be refunded only if, for the same period, a new tenant is found, the refunded amount will not exceed 70% of the amounts already paid funds.
6. The lease is created when the booking form (via internet or post) by Holiday homes Burgundy is received (or by phone the booking is made) and the booking is confirmed by Holiday homes Burgundy on writing or by e-mail. Under the subsequent condition that Holiday homes Burgundy within one weeks after receipt of the booking form still is able to cancel the lease, for whatever reason.
7. Burgundy Holiday excludes all liability for damage of the tenant in this.
8. Reservations are processed in order of receipt. We only take bookings in from person from 18 years or older. At least one of the people in the final rental company has to be 18 years or older. We reserve the right at any time - without giving reasons - to refuse the lease.

Landlord Responsibility
The landlord can not be held responsible for any disruption, modification or prevention of the rental period of the tenant, if this is the result of unfore seen or insurmountable events beyond his control.
The landlord can not be held responsible for inconveniences caused by the work of others, such as municipal, county, etc. Nor can the landlord be held responsible for interruption of gas, water or electricity, where it is due to the gas, water or electricity supplier. The owner takes no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to luggage, personal property or vehicle, and for costs arising from failure to timely achieve the chalet due to delay.
Because you are using third party stuff Holiday Homes Burgundy takes no responsibility for proper functioning of the present apparatus, to interference we will take action as soon as possible, in some cases consultation with the owners will be necessary, we take no responsibility for the any delays.

Some houses are property to others. You will use the existing stuff, Holiday Homes Burgundy takes no responsibility for the state and completeness of this stuff. Although the houses are all habitable and generally in good condition Burgundy Holiday takes no responsibility for accidents, damage, etc during the stay. But we will help where possible to make your stay as pleasant as possible and to extend and recover any damages to your own insurance .

Booking fee
The reservation costs are listed on the price / availability pages, and vary per home. The reservation costs are one-time and regardless of the number of persons charged with carrying out your booking. This amount includes telephone and postal charges.


When cancellation by the tenant Holiday Homes Burgundy must be informed in writing, after prior notification by telephone.

The tenant has to pay the following amounts:
1. If canceled up to 8 weeks prior to arrival: 30% of the rent;
2. For cancellation from 8 weeks to 4 weeks 80% of the rent;
3. Cancellations made within the period of 4 weeks before commencement of the stay 100% of the rent.
Booking fees are not refundable.
In premature termination of the stay 100% of the rent.
Cancellation / change Houses Burgundy
If circumstances Houses Burgundy gives reason to cancel the already rented holiday houses (in case off problems with the electrical or water connections, necessary repairs, municipal works etc), and to amend the agreement in any event including force majeure means war, strikes, natural disaster , extraordinary weather conditions, death of the owner, or problems with the owner of the house, etc. will directly, by phone or e-mail and if necessary be notified in writing to the tenant.
Holiday homes Burgundy will try to find similar alternatives in the area.
Holiday homes Burgundy will immediately refund the already paid rent, the tenant without any further or other right, then recover the rent already paid. Liability for any other / additional and / or delay damages is not accepted by Holiday homes Burgundy.
Holiday homes Burgundy is entitled to cancel the agreement if the tenant is in default and / or otherwise in the cases described in these terms.


Modification / transfer
If the tenant, after the establishment of the reservation, wants to make changes in accounting, we are not obliged to comply.
If the tenant want to change the reservation (s) he will give the changes directly in writing or e-mail to Holiday homes Burgundy.
The relevant changes will be, when accepted by Holiday homes Burgundy, confirmed in writing. When a new lease will be necessary, Holiday homes Burgundy is allowed to change an extra fee of € 25.00.


Cancellation and other insurance

The tenant is self responsible to close supplementary insurances as a cancellation, travel and accident insurance.


Additional costs
1. In the rental, unless otherwise stated, are including the cost of water and electricity (to a maximum of 350kWh).
2. the rent is not included the rental of sheets and towels, tourist tax, reservation costs and costs of final cleaning, unless otherwise indicated.

 - Other wishes in further consultation.

Additional requirements and regulations
1. The tenant is considered to throw away the garbage, bottles, paper, etc. themselves.
2. In the house there is an internal rules, the tenant is obligated to live up these regulations without exception.
3. Tenant (s) that such nuisance or burden poses / or may cause / lead to that a good continuing of a stay in the house may be difficult or complicated, can / could be by Holiday Homes Burgundy be excluded, where Holiday Homes Burgundy can not reasonably be required that the contract is fulfilled. Any related costs are for the tenant (s) as and when the effects of nuisance or burden him / them is responsible.
4. Holiday homes Burgundy accepts no liability for errors or obvious mistakes on the website or brochures from Holiday homes Burgundy or other notices.
5. The tenant should be noted that damage to the residence during a holiday is attributed to the tenant, unless the contrary is proved. Holiday homes Burgundy hereby stipulates for the owner that the tenant has to compensate the owner by any damage to the house. Tenants are advised to take out liability insurance.
6. Holiday homes Burgundy accepts no responsibility for the safety of existing play equipment, the tenant must just the safety and the suitability of the playground for his children thereselves.
7. Holiday homes Burgundy reserves the right to make any repairs or minor adjustments to the house during your stay, the repairs and adjustments take place without the tenant is entitled to any deduction.
8. Holiday homes Burgundy has the right to enter the house during your stay for the above work, property visits and related liabilities to French authorities, such as the inclusion of the electricity consumption.
9. When the technical equipment failures or other problems in the house during your stay, please call with us.
10. Placing of caravans, tents, trailers etc. is allowed only after approval by Holiday Homes Burgundy. Holiday homes Burgundy, without reason may, reject the request.
11. The number of residents in the house is listed on the booking form, the overnight stay of more than the number on the booking form listed persons is only authorized by agreement from Holiday homes Burgundy. Holiday homes Burgundy may without reason reject the request.
12. Open fires are only allowed at any barbecue place, the tenant should take care for safety and is responsible for any damage.

It is generally allowed to bring pets. Per pet additional fee will be charged.
The tenant is obliged by booking to report that pets will stay in the house and also report the kind off the pet.
Holiday homes Burgundy reserves the right, without giving any reasons, to refuse pets. Holiday homes Burgundy will then promptly refund the already paid rent, the tenant without any further or other right, then recover the rent already paid.


Complaints and disputes
The text of our brochure and texts on our site are composed by Holiday homes Burgundy with great care. Yet it is possible that something in your accommodation is not consistent with this description. This can lead to frustration and even complaints. Please contact Holiday homes Burgundy direct with complaints and wait not until the end of your holiday.
Often a solution in reasonable agreement with Holiday homes Burgundy is possible and will not disturb your vacation pleasure.

Not satisfactorily resolve the complaint can not be legally binding.
No claim will be considered, if not within 48 hours after taking possession of the holiday house will be notified by telephone and within one weeks is followed by an e-mail with full description of the complaint.
The same rule applies, if during the stay in the house anything serious develops. If the tenant refuses to take possession of the house, because the state of the accommodation is not consistent with what he could reasonably expect, he should immediately contact with Holiday homes Burgundy.
If it is not possible to come to mutual agreement, then the tenant can verified the complaint by a relevant expert, a bailiff or a notary in order to obtain an objective opinion.
The current lease is and must be interpreted under French law. All disputes under this lease could result subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of French law.


Travel documents
After full payment of the rent, the tenant gets about 3 weeks before the start of the rental period, or by booking in this period of 3 weeks immediately after booking, travel documents with the home address of the rented holiday house, a route description and agreements on handing over the key (s).


Liability and guarantee
During your stay in the house as a tenant you are fully responsible for the property, inventory and all things which belong to the rented holiday.
Damage by you, by you to the site invited people or animals and / or your traveling causes, will have to be fully reimbursed by Holiday homes Burgundy.
Under the rented / the house is also included the yard, other buildings ,inventory, tools and all the catering on the premises and belonging (movable).

Holiday homes Burgundy is entitled to hold the tenant responsible even after the lease period, if caused damage is not or not duly paid. All costs incurred are for the tenant.
The tenant and those who accompany him or her, are severally liable for all loss or damages incurred by the tenant and / or any third party as a direct or indirect result of their stay, whether caused by acts or omissions by themselves or third parties who by their fault found in the house and any damage caused by any animal and / or any matter which they have.

Holiday homes Burgundy accepts no liability for:
1. Theft, loss or damage of any kind, accidents by the state of the house, during or following a stay in the house;
2. Get out or disable the operation of technical equipment, furniture, play equipment etc. of the apartment;
3. Accidents or damage in and or around the house, tree branches falling, falling tiles etc, during your stay.

For each booking a deposit of € 100.00 will be charged, the bail will be deposited,after checking out the house and by not establish damages, in the latest four weeks after departure into the account of the tenant. By deducting from any damages the tenant will recieve an e-mail, if known, with the reasons.
Some off the houses are houses decorated by third parties and third parties. You make use of private stuff. Everything you consume, such as toilet paper, dishwasher tablets, kitchen towels etc should the tenant again to be supplemented. Otherwise Holiday homes Burgundy reserves the right to deducting the costs from the deposit.

Final cleaning
The house will be cleaned by Holiday homes Burgundy or the respective owner of the house. To keep the cost low Holiday homes Burgundy ask the tenant to leave the house neat and tidy, with clean the kitchen, behind.


Arrivals and departures 
The arrival starts on Saturday (Les Chatelets) or Friday (Barricant), after 16:30 hours. On the last day of stay, the latest departure at 09.30 hours, because of the cleaning of the house. Other arrival and departures are only possible in consultation with and after approval of Holiday homes Burgundy.